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This is your place to share and learn about what *really* goes on; clients, fees and how to run a professional design practice. No need to worry if clients are watching inside a facebook group here. 


Doors are currently closed to new members. Doors opening again in August 2022.

About Me

The Design Society is founded by me, Lauren Li. I'm a fully qualified interior designer. Beside running a successful interior design practice sisällä, I am driven to share my 20 years of knowledge working as an interior designer in Melbourne and London, with others. When we all share, it elevates the interior design industry and we can all do well.

I am passionate about helping other interior designers be the best they can be and provide an outstanding design service to their clients.

A Big Thanks

The Design Society has literally been years in the making. Since I discovered how much that I got back when I started sharing information with others, I haven't looked back. When I started my business I felt so alone. Although I had worked as a designer in architectural practices for ten years, when it came to starting sisällä I had no idea how to run the business. 

What to charge, how to write a fee proposal, how the design process should run and how to get clients, etc. There is so. much. to. learn! 

The Design Society is that place.

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